How it Works

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What is homabroad?

Homabroad is a community of international Students coming together to learn from each other and expand their horizons by creating lifelong international friends.

How do I Join?

  • To join homabroad, click (here).
  • Or go to the home page and click join.
  • You can join as an international student.
    • An international student is someone who currently enrolled in a university. A valid student email address is required to join as an international student.
    • If you do not have a valid .edu email, but would like to join, choose the “Other (International)” option.

What’s the difference between signing up as an international student or Non-Student who chooses “Other (International)” option.

  • The only difference is: international student will have the ability to create groups or events that only other international students can attend.
  • The “Other (International)” Option, is for those who are about to become students but do not yet have a valid University email address, or for those who graduate and lose their student email address.

What happens when I graduate and I am no longer a student, or I am resident who becomes a student?

  • You can change your account type from ‘international student’ to ‘resident’ or vice versa, by going to settings and clicking on ‘Switch Account Type’. There, you will be able to change your account type.
  • When you change your status from resident to international student, you will be required to verify your student email adrress, ending with “.edu”.

Does it cost money to join?

  • homabroad is entirely free to join.


What is a Community?

  • A community is a group of internationals living in the same geographical area. Communities are usually named after the city the international community lives in. Hence, the city you enter on ‘living in’ when entering information on your profile, will determine your community.
  • Members, groups, events and forum topics will appear on your account based on your community. For instance, if you live in Pittsburgh, by default you will see other members who live in Pittsburgh or events happening in Pittsburgh.
  • However, if you would like to see what is happening in New York, You can click on the drop down menu labeled ‘community’ on the top left corner of the website. Type in “New York” in the search field, and member result, groups, events and forums will be from New York. But this will not change your living in community.

How can I change my community?

  • You can change your community by updating your profile page and changing the ‘living in’ part of your profile to your new city.
  • If you cannot find a community based on the city you live in, on our platform, you can suggest to us to create a community in your area. You can do this by clicking on the drop down menu of ‘Community’, located on the top left corner of the website, and click on request community. Enter the city you live in and we’ll create that community for you.


How do I find other Members?

  • Under the Members tab, you can find other members of your community.
  • You can use the Search/Advanced Search feature to find other members from a certain nationality who speaks a certain language or languages. There are other criteria you can use to find other members.


What is a Group?

  • A group is composed of like-minded international people coming together based on a common interest like tennis, hiking, student engineers etc. You can find and join any group by clicking Groups.

What types of groups can I create or join?

  • As an international student you can create;
    • A public group that anyone in your community can join (Public Group)
    • A public group that only students can join (Student only Public Group)
  • As a resident you can create or join;
    • A public group that anyone in your community can join

How do I create a group?

Click the tab named Groups, then click on Create Groups.

Who is a group administrator?

A group administrator is anyone who creates the group. He/she can choose to approve other members who joins the group


What is an event?

An event is an activity created based on common interest that internationals attend in person.

What type of events can I create or join?

  • As an international student, you can create or join:
    • A public event- all members in your community can join
    • Public student only event- only students can join this event
    • Private event- only members in your contact list and their contacts can join your event
  • As a resident you can create or join:
    • A public event- all members on the platform can join
    • Private event- only members in your contact list and their contacts can join your event
  • Public and Public-Student only events can only be created in the group tab.
  • To create a private event, click on the Events tab and then click on Create Private Event.