About Homabroad


Homabroad’s mission is to enrich the lives of the international community through meaningful connections. As the world becomes more Multi-Cultural, we help people to:

  • Connect with other internationals
  • Grow through meaningful connection and experiences
  • Navigate and work effectively in a Multi-Cultural environment

We are committed to connecting Internationals at a local level, helping them to find resources, experiences and opportunities. We strongly believe that by bringing people and cultures together, we can create a greater level of understanding and tolerance, fostering people to think-act like global citizens.

About Us 

Did you know that close to 1 million students are enrolled in the United States each year? As a former international student myself, I know how exciting and challenging it can be. You have so many questions: where to live, how to get your license, how to open a bank account, or if there is an African, Chinese or Arabic store in your city. The international student office doesn’t always have all the answers. Who to better ask than a community of international students who understand your situation. I created Homabroad to make it easier for international students to find the answers, friendships and support they are looking for. Join us!